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Never Lift Heavy Mats Again!
Finally, a permanent solution to a problem that horse owners have dealt with for years. The WERM flooring system completely seals your trailer floor and provides a padded, slip resistant surface that is impervious to liquids and eliminates the need for rubber mats. This unbelievable product will not crack or chip like spray-on liners!

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Protects your trailer floor, adding value and longevity to your investment.

  • Eliminates pitting and deterioration of aluminum and wood flooring.

  • Extremely easy to clean after each use. No mats to remove, simply hose off the floor.

  • Reduces road noise and offers an added cushion to provide ultimate comfort to your horses.

  • Factory option on select new trailers and is available for all new and used trailers

  • Excellent for stalls, aisle ways in your barn, and wash stalls.

The WERM Flooring System Will Floor You!

To learn more about WERM and our flooring systems, contact us today.


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