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The Choice is Clear: ClearPlex® Windshield Protection Film by Madico®

ClearPlex is the world's first optically-clear protection film for vehicle windshields. Manufactured and distributed by Madico, it absorbs the impact of standard road hazards—significantly reducing the occurrence of rock chips, stars, pitting, and bull’s-eyes—leaving the glass in pristine condition.

  •  It is scratch-resistant like glass and stands up to everyday abrasions like windshield wipers.

  •   Is nearly transparent, minimally reducing transmitted light.

  •   Offers faster run-offs of rain and snow, resulting in better visibility.

  •   Offers seamless integration with a vehicle's windshield.​

  • Is an economical solution—preserves original windshield.

  •   Protects vehicles' interiors and their occupants against 99.9% of the sun's harmful UV rays.

  •   Can help keep your windshield intact during an accident, providing increased protection to the occupants of your vehicle.

  •   It can be cut by hand or by using a computerized plotter, such as MACS.

  •   It works great on side and rear windows for smash-and-grab protection.

  •   Is ideal for luxury and classic cars—helps to maintain their value.

  •   Helps keep revenue generating for fleet vehicles on the road.

  •   Is guaranteed not to bubble, peel, crack, or yellow while under warranty.

To learn more about CLEARPLEX and our window protection products, contact us today.


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